Boonville Summer Space Fun!

The Boonville Branch has been busy writing letters to NASA astronauts about space. We channeled our cosmic fashionista designing alien costumes to wear in the Heritage Days Parade. Our papier-mâché moon project helped us locate where the Apollo 11 crew walked that historic day! Miss Sharon and Miss Sharon were our guest readers at Shoot for the Moon

Hand written letters to NASA Astronauts

Hand written letters we’re mailing to NASA astronauts.

Kiddos being read a story.

Miss Sharon Wooldridge reading at Story Time.

Kids around a table with craft supplies

Teens working on their alien costumes.

Kiddos and one adult holding up coloring pages.

Miss Sharon Simmons with the kids at Story Time.

Kids sitting in the back of a white truck during a parade.

The kids wearing their alien costumes throwing candy in the Heritage Days Parade!

People and a white truck walking on a street during a parade.

Jannaka, Cathy and the kids walking in the Heritage Days Parade!

Story Time. Registration is still open. Come explore space with us!

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