Summer Space fun at the Library !!

We’ve had an Out of this World time at the Library this Summer!! All of our programs have been ”space-centric” and pushed us to think about what we would need to do to survive pioneering other worlds!


                                                                                                   We discussed structural integrity and made model habitats out of mini marshmallows!

You need water for life. How to you get it?

We tested different designs for water ways and dams built from legos.

Some of the toothpick structures got pretty complex!

Local author Angela Roquet held a workshop on writing for our young story tellers

We explored our solar system and the universe with a variety of amazing virtual reality apps!


Here’s a couple of enginiers working on our Space Colony Display: Boonslick Exo-Colony 65325


More VR fun


                                                                              A wild life biologist talked to us about Midwest wild cats live via Sky a Scientist!

                                                                           Young scientists on a video conference call with wild life biologist PHD Maria Munoz from Nebraska University

                                                                       Sample of Ferro Fluid (magnetic liquid with both solid and liquid properties)

                                      Welcome to                                                             Boonslick Asphodel Ex0-Colony 65325!!


Our beautiful hand painted Solar System

                                                       Water collection station

                                 Multistage dam with overflow gates and storage tanks !

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