9/11 Behind the Scenes: Stories from Ground Zero

The pictures of Ground Zero are etched in our minds with great clarity. The tons of twisted metal, the grey ash covering everything and rescue workers standing on the hot pile. There were tens of thousands of volunteers who answered the call for help after the tragic day 20 years ago.

Warsaw resident Leslie Hill was a Red Cross National Disaster volunteer who served at ground zero. Her job was to care for the search and rescue workers as they searched for bodies under the 1.8 million tons of debris. She worked at the Red Cross service center which became a small city of volunteers dedicated to ministering to search and rescue personnel. At one point, they served 26,000 meals a day, 24/7.

Come hear the story of how ordinary people from all walks of life showed up to make a difference at such a crucial time in American history.

WHAT: 9/11 Behind the Scenes
WHEN: September 10, 2021 at 2 PM
WHERE: Boonslick Regional Library, Warsaw Branch, Meeting Room

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