Wifi Printing

Now you can send a print job from your phone, wireless device or even your home computer to your closest Boonslick Regional Library branch! Print jobs will be held in a queue for up to 24 hours and printed when you come in to pick them up. Black & White and color prints cost $0.25 per page.

Method #1: Web Portal
Choose one of the following web portals for most printing:

Cole Camp

Method #2: Mobile Phone
Get the PrinterOn app for Android | iOS to print from a mobile phone.

Method #3: E-mail
To print from an e-mail, forward your e-mail to the appropriate e-mail listed below.  The e-mail must have a subject line or it will be rejected by the system.

B/W Email address: boonslick-boonville-bw@printspots.com
Color Email address: boonslick-boonville-color@printspots.com

Cole Camp:
B/W Email address: boonslick-colecamp-bw@printspots.com
Color Email address: boonslick-colecamp-color@printspots.com

B/W Email address: boonslick-sedalia-bw@printspots.com
Color Email address: boonslick-sedalia-color@printspots.com

B/W Email address: boonslick-warsaw-bw@printspots.com
Color Email address: boonslick-warsaw-color@printspots.com

Please note that the body of the e-mail and any attachments will be sent as separate print jobs, e.g. an e-mail with a message in the body and one attachment will be sent as two print jobs.